June 6, 2022

12 Gifts Guys Secretly Want for Father’s Day

My husband Alex has been a dad for 12 years (here’s a post he wrote as a newbie) and we love having him in our lives. In anticipation of Father’s Day on June 19th, I asked him to reveal the gifts on his wishlist, and here’s what he said…

The award-winning book Dreaming the Beatles by Rob Sheffield, $11. Says Alex: “You think you already know everything about the Beatles and there’s nothing more to learn, but somehow this feels like a revelation. It’s a fun, smart, illuminating page turner. You pick it up and can’t put it down.”

Waxed canvas Dopp kit for family adventures, $60. (This $15 one is great, too.)

Delicious mochi with flavors like green tea, ripe strawberry, double chocolate, and salted caramel, $6 for six.

Nick and Nora glasses, $40 for four. These are everywhere in New York restaurants right now. Says Alex: “They’re elegant, it’s not like you’re just having a bucket of gin.”

A cap for slightly distracted dads everywhere. £35.

Lightweight rain jacket, from $110. I love this Danish brand because their jackets look great and aren’t thick and hot — so you can comfortably wear them on warm rainy days, too.

Apple battery pack, $80. One of those things that makes daily life easier.

Spicewalla grill and roast collection, $33. Says Alex: “Rubs are absolutely crucial for meat. This is an amazing way to bring in more flavors and open up possibilities.”

Portable campfire, $24. Says Alex: “Sitting around a fire pit with loved ones is the best; there is something so primal about staring into a fire.”

Seat cushion, $79. Says Alex: “When you’re sitting for 40 hours a week, comfort makes a big difference. You never realize how uncomfortable you were until you change it, and then you’re like, wow, this is amazing.”

Photo mug for his morning coffee, from $16.

Card saying how much you love him, since that’s all he really wants anyway. $5.50.

P.S. 6 more Father’s Day gifts, a case for giving guys flowers, and why are dads’ texts so freaking cute?



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