April 12, 2022

12 Readers Share Favorite Parts of Their Homes

What is your favorite part of your home? A trusty toaster? A framed photo? A nooky nook? The other day, I posed this question on Instagram, and we got more than a hundred replies. It’s hard not to share everyone’s (they’re all so good!), but here are 12 examples…

“My father helped me build a traditional ofuro (soaking tub), and the smell of cedar transports me back to Japan.” — Erika, upstate New York

“I rescue cats, and this is where I hang out with them. I live on a teeny tiny island in the Middle East, and we love our homes. We decorate every inch of them, have guests over on weekends, and of course drink tea. I adore the sun streaming in through the window as the cats lounge around sunbathing. — Anceeta, Bahrain

“In this flour-coated corner of our kitchen, my kids help me bake, chat about their days, and play with alphabet magnets on the fridge. The top shelf holds my mom’s old recipe box. She passed away before I had kids, and it still pains me that I can’t pick up the phone throughout the day to tell her little things that happen. But spending time with my kids here in the same way I did with her growing up makes it feel like she’s present in our everyday lives.” — Jackie, Hudson Valley, New York

“The front entry is where my husband kisses me goodbye. I pretend that it bothers me that he smothers me with love in the most inconvenient spot in our house, but I cherish these moments together, even if sometimes it messes up my hair. On this particular day, I was heading out to run errands and my husband snapped this photo of me being twirly.” — Maggie, East Lansing, Michigan

“Getting divorced and selling your home is tough stuff. Doing it during a pandemic? Oof, dear reader, OOF. This balcony in my one-bedroom rental has been a bright spot (the way the sun hits at 5 p.m. = *chef’s kiss*). I’ve created new traditions, like post-work sparkling-water hangs on the chaise with my feet up. It’s where I go to feel cool air when life feels hard, and where I sneak kisses with my new someone special, who reminds me that living my truth is beautiful.” — Taina, Toronto

“I purchased this bench after my dad passed in March 2020. He was an inventor of sorts and very creative. The plaque reads, ‘This place for dreamers’ because he was always thinking.” — Carrie, southern Minnesota

“My partner and I live in a 300-square-foot studio, so we spend most of our time on our patio. We garden, take naps and host dinner parties. The patio has taught me how to live minimally, yet wholeheartedly.” — Erica, Los Angeles

“Moving apartments, pandemic parenting, and health scares have pushed me to my limits (and beyond, frankly). But the fact that I can dedicate a space to my children brings me peace and gratitude. How lucky we are to have a sunny room, a wall of preschool art, and a carpet covered in race cars. Amid so much anger and exhaustion, I can feel the *good* in my life when I sit here and watch my babies play. (Don’t show this picture to my son. That race track is HIS! NOT THE BABY’S!!!)” — Betsy, Denver

“I learned to read when I was four, and books were a constant source of joy in a hard childhood. This staircase has several of the ‘important’ ones, including my favorite novel, Rebecca.” — Shane, near Dayton, Ohio

“For Christmas, my (very handy) sister Laura made me this wooden swing. Everybody who visits takes a swing, no matter their age.” — Nora, Berlin

“When we found this house years ago, I was immediately sold on the view. Now I spend time each morning drinking coffee and watching the seasons change.” — Caitlyn, rural Maine

“These couches are a tribute my husband’s family. Nearly 30 years old, the furniture holds wonderful memories of his childhood and will now carry us through our journey as first-time parents. On our coffee table, you will find children’s stories, a journal, and multiple Twix wrappers. This sacred space has witnessed grief from miscarriage and joy as we welcomed our baby, Nora, into our lives.” — Ginelle, Stockton, California

Thank you, dear readers! ILYSM.

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