February 2, 2023

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts

An elegant homemade cake with a heart sparkler candle to make them laugh as you walk out of the kitchen.

A cherry red record player to play while lounging on Sunday afternoons. We listen to ours alllllll the time.

A pink sweater because dudes look great in pink! And here’s a lovely look for the ladies.

A schmoopy photo, hearted, and delivered with a kiss.

How effortlessly sultry is a layered necklace that rests right on your collarbone? (I’d also love to wear this timeless bracelet every day.)

A warm, sexy fragrance to get your hearts racing, or a clean, romantic scent to wear every day. (I adore both and switch off.) This line is really special.

A heart-shaped cheese board — or, if you’re long distance, a heart-shaped pizza delivered right to their doorstep.

Swap your favorite books to read (we did this once!). Alternately, choose a thrilling bestseller for a two-person book club.

A flirty chemise or pretty pajamas for cuddling up together.

How fun would it be to unwrap this amazing hands-free vibrator? (You can use it yourself or with a partner.) And this suction toy mimics oral sex; my friend compared it to being “played like a violin.”

A beautiful box of 49 caramels, or the best British candy bars tied in a bow.

And finally, maybe best of all, a love note and a kiss.

What Valentine’s Day gifts have you enjoyed giving or getting? And if you’re dressing up for a date night, may we recommend this slinky number? Xoxo

P.S. How to keep the sparks alive — plus, 14 reader comments on dating and 15 reader comments on sex.

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