We’ve gathered together these ramp recipes for you, because ramps. Do we really need to say more? There’s a reason that, each early spring, a.k.a. ramp season (a very short season), chefs clamor to get these wild onions into their kitchens: They’re delicious, like garlicky leeks, and can be pickled, fried, grilled, turned into pesto, and more.

Unfortunately, the alliums, which are native to the forests of eastern North America, are getting harder to find because of over-harvesting. Some people have even taken to farming them, which requires patience, as the plants can take seven years to reach maturity, as well as a good patch of shady, damp woodland. If you’re interested in foraging for wild ramps, just be sure to respect the patch: Cut off one leaf, leaving the ramp bulb and another leaf to continue on growing, and avoid taking too much, especially from one area.

Once you’ve returned home with your (small) haul, cook them however your heart desires: Make a compound butter, mix them into a quiche or risotto, or blend them into ramp soup. Below, you’ll find our favorite ramp recipes so you’re ready when the time comes.