June 18, 2022

4 Mental Health Impacts of COVID 19 | MedCircle

Symptoms of mental health problems such as generalized anxiousness condition or GAD, social anxiety condition, blog post stressful stress condition or PTSD, as well as panic attack are impacted by huge changes like pandemics. COVID 19 has affected lots of people’s psychological health and wellness. Right here are the 4 psychological wellness impacts of COVID 19 you require to recognize.

View the full unique MedCircle collection on anxiety (and just how to manage it) HERE: https://bit.ly/3ErMgGI

In this video, the MedCircle medical professionals explain …

Dr. Ramani Durvasula: How to conquer social stress and anxiety throughout COVID 19
Dr. Judy Ho: Panic condition (as well as managing a panic assault) from and throughout COVID 19
Dr. Kristy Lamb: How to deal with general anxiousness from COVID 19
Dr. Judith Joseph: How to deal with PTSD from and also during COVID 19

00:00 Intro
00:45 Social anxiety impacts
07:43 Panic condition impacts
11:44 General anxiety impacts
15:25 PTSD impacts
18:11 How to manage social anxiety
23:09 How to take care of panic signs
24:33 How to handle basic stress and anxiety
27:44 How to manage PTSD
30:39 How to see more

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