What are traditional spring recipes? Simple sautéed asparagus and morels, poached salmon and steamed artichokes, crunchy radishes with salted butter, and whatever other light, bright dishes make the most of peak-season produce. Even cozy-feeling recipes, like beet and ricotta hummus and shawarma-spiced carrots, are all the better when made with young roots, not the over-wintered ones you’ve been hoarding in your crisper drawer.

Of course spring isn’t all warm breezes and spritzy cocktails. In some locales there may still be a chill in the air—and then there are the “April showers.” For those days, we have warming spring soups, like minestrone with leeks and snap peas, and comforting dishes like a creamy risotto with flavor inspired by herby pesto. Make something tried and true—and then try something new, won’t you?