March 10, 2022

An Overview of Science of Nutrition

An Overview of Science of Nutrition
Monday, February 1, 2020
Zoom Webinar Recording

We invited Professor of Medicine, Dr. Christopher Gardner, PhD, to supply you with a foundational summary of the sorts of research study style that are utilized in nutrition science – Ecological researches, Case-Control, Cohort, and Randomized Clinical Trials.

At the final thought of this course, you will:
– Learn the basic types of human nourishment research style, including benefits and drawbacks
– Be able to differentiate unanswerable vs accountable questions
– Understand the crucial components of context needed for framing vital questions in the field of nourishment

Presenter: Dr. Christopher Gardner, PhD
Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford Prevention Research

The SCCR Science Series is a 2-hour lecture held bi-monthly or month-to-month, covering different scientific and scientific subjects with the details objective to enlighten participants of the scientific study neighborhood. We welcome medical professionals to go over makeup and also physiology along with pathophysiology of different restorative areas. Find out more:

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