Best creamy chicken dumpling soup, I made exactly word for word at least ten times. The last few times I added frozen peas otherwise I make it just like it’s stated. Then I started brining my chicken because the chicken didn’t have flavor after brining it, I bake it in the oven with some of the stock and then add that to the soup. I always have a bag of bones in the freezer so if I want to make the stock I don’t need to put raw chicken but after baking then I add the additional bones and skin to the stock. I make tripe or quadruple the amount of stock to keep in freezer so I would not have to wait. I would give this soup 100 stars if possible. I have tried Cracker Barrel chicken dumpling soup and recipe, but no other compares to this recipe. I have tried many chicken dumpling recipes and at restaurants and nothing compares to thi.

I’ve made this recipe many times and it’s always delicious
Tonight I had left over beef stew and it’s soooo cold here so naturally I wanted dumplings
I put 2 cups of beef stock into my stew to thin it out but still had that hearty beef flavor and we just had the best cold weather supper ever
Do add the extra grd pepper to the dumplings

An absolute winner. Adaptable and fairly easy. We all had thirds!!!

I was on the hunt for a meal that could help me get better at cooking, and this was it. It’s easy, yet challenging in some parts, and definitely worthwhile. If anyone else is new to cooking as I am, make sure your soup temperature is just barely simmering when adding dumplings, or else they will just cook right into it. Ultimately, I’m really glad I chose to make this!

An instant family favorite!! Takes some time, but a fairly simple recipe. As I am just cooking for 2, this provided leftovers multiple times and it just got better with each round. We are currently in the middle of a heatwave in so cal and I am still making this soup again because we crave it even when it’s 80 degrees out! Followed the recipe exactly as written.

This was delicious. Not a quick meal, definitely a project for a cold and rainy day. My chicken took much longer to cook, maybe because of
that, my broth was well reduced and nice and thick by the end. Extra ground pepper in the dumplings was a fabulous idea. Would absolutely make again on another dreary day.

I make stock with my veggie scraps and always have some in my freezer so I skipped steps 1 & 2 and instead simmer the chicken in the stock until cooked and tender. Then I go on with the rest of the recipe as normal. Butter works great in place of schmaltz and I’ve also used rendered bacon fat when I have a jar of that sitting around. A favorite recipe for sure and a go-to when we are needing some comfort food.

A perfect recipe for a nice afternoon of cooking. Full disclosure: I roast a full chicken in my dutch oven and use it for the rest of the recipe as well. Love it! Thanks for giving me the courage to finally make it myself rather than only let my mom make it for me (for the record – she know thinks mine is better).

Amazingly rich and delicious! I already was making stock and use the same ingredients as the recipe, but I roasted the chicken and veggies before boiling and cooked for 3+ hours to really develop the flavors. I also used a combo of wings, feet and thighs. The wings and feet got boiled, but the thighs were already cooked through from roasting so just went into the broth once making the actual dish. I used butter since it’ts what I had and only 1/4 cup of cream and it was still as rich as can be. I don’t think my soup thickened as much as it was supposed to, but I still loved the consistency and texture of every component. Would pass this on to anyone looking for a warm, hearty and comforting meal. If I had a southern granny she would most definitly be proud!

Yes, yes, yes! I can’t attest to the Southern authenticity of this dish, but I can speak to it’s incredible depth of flavor. It’s as if I’ve never, truly, tasted chicken! I followed the recipe closely and everything turned out phenomenal, but if you’re a dumpling fiend like me, you should make more and cook them in batches. I had a lot more soup than dumplings leftover, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Delicious! Does not hold once you’ve cooked the dumplings (I tried to make them about 1 hour before serving, the dumplings pretty much fell apart). I will make new dumplings when I reheat the leftovers for dinner. Very tasty stew.

Given we are still isolating (thank you Covid 19 for helping me work on my knife skills!), I decided Chicken and Dumplings was perfect for Sunday dinner. This recipe is nearly perfect. The family loved it. After cooking the chicken (with the salt), and removing it to cool, I blitzed the liquid and cooked vegetables into a smooth liquid. Why waste all the veg? It was thick enough I didn’t precook the remaining veg or use the flour as a thickener. I added kale, frozen corn and peas (the last three minutes of cooking) to the mix. Full disclosure, I didn’t make the dumplings, I used a nearly-expired package of gnocchi instead. When I make this again, I’ll use 1tsp of ground black pepper and a bit of white pepper. This recipe was easy and made the house smell great. Next time, I’ll be brave enough to make the dumplings!

Used my frozen Turkey stock from Thanksgiving and had to make it thicker for my liking but followed everything else. By far the best chicken and dumpling recipe out there! I hate a soggy dumpling and these are the best!

I loved this. It was thinner that I expected but the flavor was everything and the dumplings were out of this world. My family is eating GOOD during quarantine.

OMG, this recipe is perfection. The flavor of this homemade stock is on point, excellent soup base. I love pepper so I put a little extra freshly ground pepper in my dumplings and it’s got a zing. A few other tweaks I made (totally personal) was throwing the garlic back into the stew b/c I love garlic, I would chop one carrot much coarser to achieve the pretty presentation like the stock photo, I’d also maybe reserve a cup or two of the chicken stock for later use, as the stew was thinner than I’d prefer. I did add extra flour to thicken it up a bit, but could do w/ less liquids. Rick knocked it outta the park with this recipe, it’s here to stay! I’ll make it to impress people in the future ;)