August 4, 2022

Black Mental Health Matters | Phillip J. Roundtree | TEDxWilmington

What is “Black Psychological Health” and also why does it “Issue”? Listen to Phillip’s trip of injury, resilience, and advocacy as he gives an enthusiastic talk discussing the effect of trauma on black identification, as well as black health, and why America’s existing discussion on psychological wellness is poor.

Phillip J. Roundtree, MSW, MS is the Founder of Quadefy LLC, an organization committed to supplying empowerment solutions to boost the physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual toughness of a private, group, and/or organization.

He is a staunch advocate of destigmatizing psychological wellness, by advertising overall health, among marginalized and also typically underrepresented neighborhoods. His openness, as it connects to his individual trip in handling depression and anxiety, offers a face, voice, and really hope to those who’ve yet to recognize their cognitive as well as psychological strength. This talk was given at a TEDx occasion using the TED meeting style but individually organized by a local community. Learn much more at

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