Discussion of the many potential causes of anorexia nervosa, how to
identify the symptoms and where to go for treatment.

Anorexia Nervosa is a serious condition where we can literally starve
ourselves to death, thinking we’re fat. The disorder can stem from
physical, psychological and, sadly, intentional causes. In this
article, we’ll consider the different causes of anorexia, and discuss
symptoms and treatment needs.

Physical Causes Of Anorexia:

Studies are underway to determine if
there is a genetic predisposition for anorexia, but short of that, any of a
number of illnesses can actually cause a person to be anorexic. These
include arthritis, colitis, kidney failure and cirrhosis of the liver.
Also, advanced alcoholism and drug addiction can result in anorexia.
If our diet is deficient in certain nutrients, like vitamins A, B3, or B8 we
could develop anorexia as a deficiency symptom. Anorexia can be a
medical drug side effect, too, so see your doctor. The cool thing
about anorexia that had a physical cause is, once the physical condition is
cleared up, the anorexia usually goes away, too.

Psychological Causes Of Anorexia:

More difficult to treat are the
psychological causes stress, depression and anxiety. In fact, anorexia
nervosa is a severe anxiety over body weight. We actually see
ourselves as being fat, even as we look in a mirror and see a body that’s
wasting away from hunger, with bones sticking out. It’s this body
image that’s at the root of anorexia. Even when medical treatment
restores a normal body weight, until the body image is corrected, the person
will just lose it all again.

Intentional Causes Of Anorexia:

This is probably the saddest part
of the anorexia story. Some people actually cause themselves to become
anorexic, accidentally, through fad diets or worse, intentionally,
through a sick idea that the “anorexic look” is sexy. There are
websites and companies making money by promoting self-starvation as a weight
management tool. This creates the mindset of the negative body image
which is at the heart of the disorder. I’m all for web freedom, but I
think websites promoting anorexia are as bad as those promoting kiddy porn,
and for the same reason…they’re destroying lives.

Anorexia Symptoms And Treatment:

Because the heart of anorexia is
an irrational belief you’re fat, most people are unlikely to look in the
mirror and say, “I’d better get to the doctor.” Since
denial is a big part of the illness, the best way to see if
you or a loved one needs to see a doctor is to take a self-test like this

signs of anorexia nervosa quiz
. Anorexia is never a self-treatment
issue. You must see a doctor, get a proper diagnosis and get
professional treatment. Anorexics, left to their own devices, often
die. Often, treatment includes medical tests to determine the cause,
food supplements to restore body weight, antidepressants or anxiety medicine
and psychological therapy to get at the body image issue. How you see
yourself is usually the key to the whole thing.

The cause of anorexia can be as simple as a vitamin deficiency or as
complex as the human self-image. Often, those causes are physical,
psychological and even intentional in nature. Whatever started it,
anorexia is a serious condition that can be deadly if not treated.
With proper treatment, though, recovery is very likely. If you suspect you or
a loved one suffers from anorexia, get it checked by a doctor as soon as
possible, so recovery can begin.

Serious health issues are frightening and often defy treatment. You can
get help with anorexia if you see your image as a person loved by God. He can heal
the stuff our doctors can’t. If you want His help, go to
From God

What are you doing to fight anorexia nervosa?