Make your home smell like the holidays with this easy and simple stovetop simmer pot. Did you know you can infuse your space the most wonderful scent just by simmering some simple ingredients in a pot? Use a variety of fresh ingredients, such as the ones we’ve listed here for you. We like to use orange slices, cranberries, rosemary, pine branches, cinnamon sticks, allspice berries, whole cloves, and nutmeg for a wonderful holiday fragrance. This combination of ingredients, when brought to low simmer in a large pot, gives off the most beautiful aroma for all of your holiday and winter gatherings.

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Christmas Stovetop Potpourri

We love the smell of a burning Christmas candle, but we don’t love what scented candles might release into the air around us. This simmering pot of Christmas potpourri is a natural way to replace those fragrant candles you love with a non-toxic, non-burning solution. Think of it as “real food for your home,” and the way our Grandmas and Great Grandmothers used to scent their homes. We also love how easy it is to change the scent simply by selecting different ingredients to simmer. Below we share a list of ideas and swaps you can make for your Christmas simmer pot.

Recipe Highlight: Simmer Pot

Fills your home with a beautiful spiced, cranberry-orange aroma which is perfect for the holidays
Easy to make in just a few minutes and with simple ingredients
Change up the ingredients to create your own unique fragrance
It’s a safer and non-toxic way to make your home smell like your favorite Christmas scented candle

Ingredients To Make A Christmas Simmer Pot

This combination of ingredients gives up the most beautiful aroma as it simmers. It will fill your home with cheer and good spirits. Here is our version of Stovetop Christmas Potpourri:

Fresh cranberries – you could use frozen, tooOranges – fresh or dried slicesCinnamon sticks – may substitute ground cinnamonWhole cloves – may substitute ground clovesAll spice berries – may substitute ground allspiceGround nutmegRosemary sprigFresh evergreen – an optional ingredient. If you have a fresh Christmas tree in your home, you could use some clippings from that tree or an outdoor oneWater – can substitute apple juice or apple cider

Find the ingredients list with exact measurements in the printable recipe card below.

What is a Simmer Pot?

A simmer pot is a pot of fresh ingredients and liquid that give off a beautiful aroma from your whole home. As the liquid and fragrant ingredients heat, they release a natural and wonderful aroma into the air that makes your home smell cozy and perfect for the holidays.

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How to make A simmer pot Recipe

Making a simmer pot is so simple. And it’s a great way to use food scrapes, such as citrus peels and fruit rinds instead of throwing them out.

Fill a large pot 3/4 full with water.To the pot, add all of the stovetop potpourri ingredientsStir and bring to a gentle simmer Simmer as long as you would like, adding water as needed.

How to Make Simmer Pot Video

Our Favorite Pot for This Simmer Pot

We love Caraway Home Cookware and Bakeware. Not only are they beautiful but most importantly they are made with naturally smooth, super slick, ceramic instead of synthetics like polytetrafluoroethylene (such as Teflon®) which is a chemical that can leach toxic substances into your food and the air.

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Crockpot Simmer Pot

Yes, you can make a simmer pot in a slow cooker! Follow the instructions as written but instead use a slow cooker. Turn on high. When it starts to steam, remove the lid and switch to the low setting. Add water as needed.

How to change up the aroma

There are so many delightful options when it comes to simmering pots and stovetop potpourri. You can use the list below to make your own combination to simmer. Leave out ingredients you don’t have on hand, or add more of one if you really like the scent.

CranberriesCitrus fruits – fresh or dried slices of oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruitApple slices or peels – dried or freshPear slices or peels – dried or freshSpices – ground, fresh, or dried cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, ginger, cardamon, star anise, pumpkin pie spiceHerbs – dried or fresh rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, bay leavesPine or Evergreen Dried lavenderVanilla extractEssential oilsApple juice or cider


How to make Christmas simmering potpourri gift bags

Here’s how you can turn this stovetop simmer into a gift that everyone will love.

From the list above, choose a combination of ingredients you love or use the ingredients listed in the recipe below.
Use ingredients that are dried and/or have a long shelf life if able. If not all of the ingredients are shelf-stable, simply add to the gift, “simmer within 2 weeks”.
Place the ingredients in a clear cellophane bag or clear box. Add a bow or pretty twine to make it festive.
To a tag or card, write the instructions for simmering.

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