The moment summer starts, I crave all things acidic. For me that means green chutney with every meal. On its own the sauce’s lemony, herbaceous quality makes my face pucker in the best way, but as an accompaniment, or component in a dressing or marinade, it puts everything into balance and adds a bit of flair. Case in point: This punchy take on a basic cucumber-and-white-bread sandwich. Cilantro chutney is slathered onto a slice of fluffy white bread, then gets topped with salted cucumber and another slice of bread swooshed with tangy cream cheese. I like using whipped cream cheese because it spreads easily straight from the fridge, but if you only have the regular stuff on hand, just let it come to room temperature to keep the bread from tearing. And if you possess the cilantro-tastes-like-soap gene, swap it for your favorite blend of herbs. —Zaynab Issa