February 14, 2023

Dating, Marriage, and Sex Advice (Valentine’s Day Special) w/ Cameron Fradd

Matt and Cameron take questions from locals supporters on dating, marriage and sex. Thrsdy gets very uncomfy.

@cfradd on YouTube
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0:00 Intro
2:00 How to approach Catholic Dating
4:17 Matt and Cameron’s first Kiss
16:13 Spanking?
22:03 Dating with wounds
25:22 How long should you date?
27:55 The Marital Embrace
38:28 Break
41:42 Discerning while Dating
49:00 Matt Proposing
51:00 Beginnning of Dating
57:00 Catholic Match
1:01:25 Conflict in Marriage
1:08:46 Homeschooling
1:13:40 Picking a community
1:18:16 Return of the Duck question
1:19:30 Wrap Up

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