April 1, 2022

Divorce Attorney Reveals SHOCKING Reasons That DESTROY Relationships And Cause Bad BREAKUPS

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Are you choosing the history of a bad relationship, when times were good, over the pain of leaving an unhealthy relationship now? Often we make relationships about what the other person is or isn’t doing and we have the tendency to focus on our reactive emotions. What feels good and what doesn’t. The problem with this kind of relationship habit is that we give our power away. Judge Faith Jenkins has been a prosecuting attorney, a judge on Divorce Court TV, and is now hosting and producing an Oxygen True Crimes show, Killer Relationships. She is revealing the success we can have in healthy relationships when we realize our power to be happy comes from within. If you are single, Faith is highlighting all the lessons and opportunities available for you to properly prepare, learn, and plan for a successful marriage or relationship that you choose to be in. Taking some time to journal after this episode may be a great way to get started on having a better relationship now.

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Relationship Disaster | How loving relationships turn into divorce or worst [0:37] Power to be Happy | Why your personal foundation is a must for healthy relationships [3:05] Lessons of Single Life | Faith reveals what single life is teaching and preparing you for [7:10] Accept, Reject, or Build | 3 options you have when taking relationship to next level [8:39] Being Resentful | Ways to navigate conflict and reveal a person’s true character [10:39] Normalized Hurt | Faith on why healing is your responsibility, not normalizing disrespect [15:22] Commitment | How to know if you are committing to love and the same things together [18:44] Manifesting Love | How Faith manifested love from knowledge and acceptance of self [19:38] Broken Love | Faith reveals the process for staying positive for love after being broken [26:44] Toxic Traps | Revealing how people get trapped and remain in unhealthy relationships [30:59] Danger Zone | Examining the danger of external pressure of being single and settling [36:38] Rejection is Okay | Faith on how rejection isn’t about you and cannot be taken personal [41:35] Due Diligence | How counseling gave Faith peace with her decision to marry and invest [46:38] Successful Love | Why love deserves the same planning for success as your career [49:11]


“People don’t really have a lot of relationship problems […] they have problems that they bring into the relationship.” [1:27]

“Being single was not a rest stop in my life, it was time for me to really live.” [6:07]

“It is easy to treat people right when things are going well. How do people treat each other when things are not going well? That is the key and a reflection of someone’s true nature. [15:10]

“We aren’t in charge of the person who hurt us. But we are in charge of our healing.” [15:58]

“I knew I was bringing a lot to the table. And I wanted someone who was going to add to the happiness I already had.” [21:43]

“I could not be a cynic about love and attract it into my life at the same time.” [26:28]

“If you’re not careful, over time, you will internalize that messaging, and being single can start to feel like something you’re embarrassed about.” [38:07]

“When you’re single and you’re dating, you can be the total package at the wrong address.” [41:48]

“A lot of times rejection has nothing to do with you. It’s what somebody else is dealing with, and their perspective and what’s going on in their lives, but if we’re not careful, we make it a whole story about us.” [44:58]

“It was all about preparing, because I wanted to set myself up for success in my relationship, just like I did for all those other aspects of life.” [50:40]

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