“If people can conceptualize cucumbers becoming pickles, then they can grasp a trans person’s name change.”

—H Conley
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“I was biting into a french fry as Ms. Paige, in a floor-length gown and heels, leapt into a full-blown backward handspring, landing beside my table with a startling thud that made me briefly choke on said fry.”

—Nico Avalle
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Goodbye to the Gay Bar. Hello to the Queer Bar

It’s a new world where butches, femmes, bears, and twinks all share the dance floor.

Text by Luz Cruz and Chala Tyson Tshitundu Photographs by Isa Zapata

Oakland Is America’s New Queer Food Capital. Here’s Where to Eat

A wave of queer-owned, queer-run, queer-focused spaces are serving up some seriously delicious food.

Text by Ray Levy Uyeda Photographs by Carl Macar

Coming Out at Panera (And Other Extremely Heterosexual Restaurants)

Picture yourself under fluorescent lights with a bread bowl full of broccoli cheddar soup, ready to share some news.

Text by Casey McQuiston Illustration by Hazel Zavala

“If people can conceptualize cucumbers becoming pickles, then they can grasp the name change of a trans person.”


How a Gay Slur Became a Luscious Part of My Identity

My Haitian family’s ancestry is deeply rooted in fruit—and so is my queerness.

Text by Joseph Lamour Illustration by Ngadi Smart

A Home For Queer Domestic Life, Every Sunday on Zoom

How my online cooking classes have helped to create a safe, welcoming space for queer families.

Text by Julia Turshen Illustration by Henri Campeã

‘Trans POC Eat Free’ Is More Than a Good Deed—It’s a Movement

“Gender-neutral bathrooms are awesome, but actions always speak louder than words.”

Text by Ludwig Hurtado Photographs by Will Matsuda


4 summer-ready recipes for feeding your chosen family at the function

“When I was a kid I would never self-identify as a ‘fruit.’ Now I can’t think of anything more marvelous.”

—Joseph Lamour
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