February 14, 2023

Four Fun Things

I’ve been spotting women around town — like the two above — wearing short crops and belted coffee-colored coats. Here are four pretty versions if you’re similarly inspired: flowy (and plus), cream, trench, and midi.

In case you missed it, Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was MAGIC, and Justina Miles, the first deaf woman performer to sign at the half-time show, absolutely crushed. Feeling buzzy and grateful to exist in the world at the same time as these female legends.

This might be the least sexy sentence ever written on Valentine’s Day, but here goes: I’ve been getting into chickpeas. They’re so delicious and easy and full of good stuff, and this easy recipe is becoming an MVP in our house.

Did you read yesterday’s gorgeous essay by Daisy Alpert Florin? Her debut novel — My Last Innocent Year comes out today and gives Normal People vibes. “When the novel opens, Isabel Rosen – an only child, mourning the loss of her mother, with ambitions of becoming a writer – is a senior at Wilder College in New Hampshire,” says CoJ contributor Abigail Rasminsky. “The winter before graduation, she finds herself in a classmate’s dorm room. What unfolds between them is hard to explain or understand: Was it consensual? Was it rape? Who decides? Set in 1998, against the backdrop of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, Florin’s novel perfectly captures not only life on a college campus, but the messy, thrilling, sexually- and politically-charged confusions of early adulthood.”

P.S. More fun things, and my three favorite books.

(Chickpea dinner photo by Joe Lingeman/the Kitchn.)



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