November 21, 2022

Gift Guide #5: Your Adoring Wife Who Loves Long Walks and Brings Back Croissants in the Morning.

The coolest French jacket to wear to dinners, date nights, friend hangs, gallery openings, trips, etc. It comes in 30+ beautiful colors and prints — I have the black and denim and LOVE them. Use code cupofjo22 to get a gift with purchase.

Chocolate caviar, $7.20, because she likes luxury.

Fruit candles, from $18, for fun dinner parties (and to delight the kids).

A magical year-round beauty product, like a gorgeous lip palette or ice globes, which my bff Gemma swears by: “Roll the frozen orbs over your face, neck and eye for 60 seconds,” she says. “Utter magic for puffy, tired eyes.”

Drawn Together, $25, an illustrated book of love stories by New Yorker contributor Olivia de Recat. (Or a stack of graphic memoirs by women, like Persepolis, Cancer Vixen, Dancing at the Pity Party, and It Won’t Always Be Like This.)

Everyone’s all-time favorite pajamas — they’re super super soft, look beautiful year-round, are perfect for trips, and somehow never wrinkle. I’ve worn them for the past 15 years. (Get 25% off your purchase with code JOY25)

Portable table lamp, $149. How great would this be for romantic dinners, lazy winter mornings, and board games in bed?

John Derian sticker book, $25, because you’re never too old to play with stickers.

As a parent of two little stinks, I’m psyched about these earplugs — they cut down on loud noise but still let you engage in conversation. (Misophonia is real!) $39.95.

Non-alcoholic spritz, $43, which Forbes calls “hyper-refreshing, wildly delicious.” You can pour it over ice, mix with seltzer, or make mocktails.

A donation in her name to Room to Grow, an organization that helps fellow parents for those first three years with babies and toddlers.

A love note and a kiss. $5.25.

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