Eat Well
Mar. 8. 2022

This Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steak Bowl is the dish you need for both nutrition and comfort! Packed with all the vitamins and minerals, it’s a wonderful way to eat a balanced meal. 

How could you not love a delicious bowl that’s filled with flavor and nutrients? It’s so easy to toss together mid-work-week or prepare in advance for ease.

We’re all about prioritizing the combination of enjoyment and nourishment here at Nutrition Stripped. And this recipe is a beautiful example of just that! 

Using the Foundational Five to Create This Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steak Bowl

In case you’re new to the NS Community and the Mindful Nutrition Method, the Foundational Five system is part of how we teach you to build balanced meals. It makes it easy for you to give your body the nourishment you need while having the flexibility to enjoy the foods you love without stressing about food.

The Foundational Five is made up of five elements of nutrition including Protein, Fat, Non-starchy Carbohydrates, Starchy & Sugary Carbohydrates, and the Flavor Factor (which brings vibrancy, deliciousness, and enjoyment to your meals). 

You can download our free guide that walks you through our Foundational Five system for creating balanced meals that you can use to meal prep or cook fresh this week!

Portobello Mushroom Nutrition Benefits 

Excellent Source of Fiber

Fiber is a vital component of a well-balanced diet. It helps to regulate and improve digestion and contributes to a healthy gut microbiome, too! 

Packed with B Vitamins 

We need those B vitamins to help us metabolize macronutrients, aid the nervous system and even produce hormones.

Ingredients Needed To Make This Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steak Bowl

How To Make This Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steak Bowl

First, season your sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and asparagus. Next, grill your sweet potatoes, mushrooms, asparagus, and corn. Lastly, plate your grilled vegetables and serve with a drizzle of Creamy Balsamic Vinaigrette. Enjoy!

Tips For Making This Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steak Bowl 

There are a couple of tips you should keep in mind that will help you store, add versatility, and enjoy this delicious nourish bowl.

Try Spreading Your Dressing On The Plate

We traditionally think of dressings as toppers, right? Well this time, try something a bit different. When you’re arranging your ingredients intentionally on top, you can spread your dressing on the bottom of the plate to ensure every bite has a boost of your flavor factor! 

Prep Your Ingredients In Advance

Looking to speed up the prep time a bit? You can chop up and prepare your vegetables in advance so you have a little less work on your hands when you decide to grill your Portobello Mushroom Steak Bowl. Save the seasoning until right before you toss everything on the grill! This will ensure you preserve the texture and turgor of the vegetables. 

FAQ About How To Make This Grilled Portobello Mushroom Steak Bowl

What if I don’t like Balsamic Vinaigrette?

Don’t sweat it! Balsamic vinaigrette isn’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine. Simply opt for your favorite Flavor Factor dressing instead, such as our Honey Mustard Dressing!

What if I don’t have a grill?

That’s quite alright! You can simply throw these same vegetables on a cookie sheet and grill them in the oven instead. Use whatever is readily available to you!