November 22, 2022

Harvard professor debunks the ‘10,000 steps per day’ myth | Daniel Lieberman

Did you recognize treadmills were designed as prison torture equipments? Modern workout is puzzling. Harvard teacher Dan Lieberman establishes it directly.

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Today, a lot of us tend to medicalize exercise, turning it into something that we “have” to do. Situation in point: the treadmill. There’s no means we ‘d on a regular basis invest 45 minutes walking in location on these expensive makers if our main objective was pleasure.

But our relationship with workout– or, a lot more usually, physical task– was not constantly so discrete as well as joyless. For much of human background, individuals got plenty of exercise by not only strolling lengthy distances, however also by doing tasks that were both required and also socially satisfying, like hunting, dancing, as well as sporting activities.

Harvard biologist Daniel Lieberman says it’s time to reconsider our relationship with exercise, as well as to comprehend exercise as a facility and essential part of human development. While walking thousands of steps via the atmosphere to locate our next meal was a significant component of our advancement, walking on the treadmill was not.

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0:00 Treadmill torment (actually).
1:54 Exercise vs physical activity.
2:40 Why exercise worries us out.
3:12 “Medicalizing” exercise.
3:48 The 10,000 actions myth.
5:02 Warrior beginnings of exercise.
6:12 Aggression: Proactive vs. reactive.
7:15 The anthropological view.


Concerning Daniel Lieberman:.
Daniel Lieberman is Edwin M. Lerner II Professor of Biological Sciences and also a professor of the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. He got levels from Harvard as well as Cambridge, as well as showed at Rutgers University as well as George Washington University prior to joining Harvard University as a Professor in 2001. He belongs to American Academy of Arts and also Sciences. Lieberman enjoys teaching and also has released over 150 peer-reviewed papers, lots of in journals such as Nature, Science, and also PNAS, as well as three popular books, The Evolution of the Human Head (2011 ), The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health and also Disease (2013 ), and also Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do is Healthy and also Rewarding (2020 ).


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