April 12, 2022

How Knowledge is Power in Nutrition | Dr. Wendy Pogozelski | TEDxSUNYGeneseo

When Wendy Pogozelski began studying the primary literary works in the field of nutrition, she was shocked to locate enormous distinctions in between the nourishment guidance she had actually discovered popular vs. the research study as well as professional outcomes she read about. She linked with various other scientists, professors, doctors as well as biochemists who had comparable problems as well as has actually ended up being component of a global effort to assist students, consumers as well as people comprehend the scientific research behind nutrition.

She was an Office of Naval Research post-doctoral fellow at the Naval Research Lab in Washington, D.C. Because establishing a passion in the biochemistry of nutrition, Dr. Pogozelski has actually been functioning with an international team of medical professionals and researchers who are attempting to connect the gulf in between scientific research as well as nourishment education and learning.

This talk was offered at a TEDx event utilizing the TED meeting format but separately arranged by a local community. Find out more at http://ted.com/tedx

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