June 14, 2022

I Tried It: 5 Summer Makeup Trends

When it comes to makeup, I usually stick with what I know. But about once a year, I get an itch. Suddenly, I find myself sucked into a rabbit hole of YouTube makeup tutorials, and I do not want but NEED to try all the latest trends. And guess what, CoJ fam, it’s that time of year. I tested five big makeup looks, and here’s how they stacked up…

The Trend: Graphic Eyeliner.

The Verdict: I don’t usually wear eye makeup, so I had hesitations. But ce I drew on blue eyeliner, added mascara, and did a few double-takes, I LOVED it. Wearing a bold color made me feel creative and glamorous. This particular liner — Kulfi’s Kajal Eyeliner in Rain Check — glides onto the lid in one smooth motion and leaves behind a rich, glittery hue. My blue wings stayed put all day with very minimal smudging. For people who prefer a more natural look, I recommend lightly lining your top lid and gently smudging the liner, as shown here. If you like to wear bold eye makeup, recreate one of these looks, and please send me a selfie!

The Trend: Bronzed and Glowing.

The Verdict: This trend is the lovechild of two other popular summer trends: the dewy skin and a beachy bronzed look. The goal is to have a golden glow. I used Tower28 bronzer, which has a cult following for its creamy texture and shimmery pigment. To apply, I used an angled brush to blend it on my cheekbones, the sides of my nose, and temples. Suddenly, I was no longer just Jannelle. I was an ethereal, sun-kissed Jannelle.

The Trend: Bright, Bold Lips.

The Verdict: After two years of face masks, statement lips are back, baby. Popular colors are bright corals, deep berries, and of course, classic red. Here, I used another trending product: Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Lipstick in Major. While applying, I was impressed by how soft and light the formula felt on my lips. Next was my “Hot Cheetos” test. (Once in college, I was wearing red lipstick, and after a couple hours, my ex-boyfriend looked over and said, “I’m not sure about red lipstick — it looks like you ate a bag of Hot Cheetos.” RUDE. But, also, noted.) So, now whenever I test a new lipstick, I check to see if it leaves behind a pilling-like residue. Well, friends, I’m pleased to report that Fluffmatte passed! The color lasted for a few hours, then faded evenly, without leaving any lipstick clumps.

The Trend: Sai Hydrabeam Brightening + Hydrating Under Eye Concealer.

The Verdict: This concealer blew up by promising to “hydrate, cover, brighten, and illuminate” under-eye circles. To show how it really performs, I took photos of myself wearing only the concealer, without any other face makeup. The top photo is pre-concealer, and the bottom is with concealer. I used my finger to pat the formula onto my “mother-of-a-toddler” under-eye bags and was pleasantly surprised to see that it really does make eyes look brighter and more awake. It doesn’t give full coverage, which is something I prefer when I dress up. But I would use it for my everyday look. Bonus: The texture is super light and melts into your skin. It almost felt like I was dabbing mousse onto my face, which was a pleasant sensory experience.

The Trend: Gym Lips.

The Verdict: This is a trend that I think will only last a cool second, but the name made me laugh, so I obviously had to try it. Gym lips promise to create an illusion of fuller natural lips, using lip liner and a moisturizing lip treatment. The key is using a liner that matches your natural lip color, so when you line your lips, the product should “disappear” into your lips. I used this lip liner in pink/rose, plus ILIA’s Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment. My lips definitely looked more defined and felt super soft, but I’m not sold. If I’m going to wear product on my lips, I’d rather just go big with a fun color, or simply stay hydrated and use the lip wrap on its own.

Thoughts? What makeup trends are you into this summer? Would you test out any of these?

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