January 25, 2023

I was not ready for this | THE U.S. ARMY FITNESS TEST

I exercise, but I do not workout like or for this type of point. While I believe I did pass, it was still extra hard than prepared for! Great things. What are some various other standard examinations you would certainly like to see me attempt???


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Contents of this video.
00:00 – Intro & some words.
00:37- Event 1: 3RM Hex Deadlift.
01:57- Event 2: Standing Power Throw.
02:49- Event 3: Hand Release Push-ups.
04:34- Event 4: Sprint, Drag, & Carry.
05:59- Plank for as long as feasible.
04:23- Rest Days.
07:23- Two Mile Run in the Forces.
09:41- Thank you.
09:57- Don’t Forget.
10:12- Recommendations.
10:17- The End.

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