February 28, 2023

Master Your Sleep & Be More Alert When Awake | Huberman Lab Podcast #2

Today’s episode offers a host of info on what makes us sleepy, sleep peacefully, as well as feel conscious and alert. Please put your concerns related to Episodes 1 & 2 in the remarks area listed below so I can resolve them in Episode 3 “Office Hours”.

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Timestamps can be discovered listed below:
Introduction – 0:00
What Is Sleep Really For? – 3:30
Rest Hunger – 6:15
Caffeine: Devil & Angel – 9:00
Timing Your Sleep Properly – 12:20
Release Your Hormones (At The Right Times) – 14:15
( Pineal) Melatonin Warning – 18:45
Weird Vision Is Good Vision – 24:30
Blue Light Is Great! – 32:50
The Real Problem With Smartphones – 37:00
Blind/ Low Vision People – 38:30
Utilizing Exercise & Food To Set Your Clock – 39:45
The Power of Sunset – 42:00
The Healthy Holes In Your Skull – 46:43
Poor Light – 48:15
Light Location – 51:11
Fire/ Candlelight – 53:00
When To Eat – 54:00
Exactly how To Wake Up Earlier – 55:40
Utilizing The Body To Control The Mind – 1:08:00
Drugs & Supplements – 1:10:00
Rest Walking – 1:18:00
Workplace Hours – 1:20:00

Hyperlinks to numerous of the devices discussed in this episode are listed below:
10 Min Yoga Nidra Script (no charge): https://youtu.be/M0u9GST_j3s
35 Min Yoga Nidra Script (no charge): https://youtu.be/FroVfmOtaps
Study Supported Hypnosis Scripts: https://www.reveri.com
Independent Supplement Research Site: https://examine.com

Note: an unique episode committed to move workers and also jetlag is coming out quickly.

As always, thank you for your rate of interest in scientific research!

The Huberman Lab Podcast is for general informational functions just as well as does not make up the technique of medication, nursing or various other expert health treatment solutions, including the offering of medical guidance, and also no doctor/patient connection is formed. Customers must not disregard or postpone in getting medical suggestions for any kind of clinical problem they might have as well as ought to look for the support of their wellness treatment specialists for any type of such problems.

Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac https://www.blabacphoto.com

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