January 10, 2023

MY (fitness) STORY- sport, chaos, heart ache, breaking point

To sum it up: intense child professional athlete, created an eating condition, dated a narcissist, lost weight, gained muscle

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Contents of this video.
00:00 – Intro.
00:24- The beginning of health and fitness.
01:25- The preliminary shift.
02:13- Disorder arc.
04:24- Disorder but include the fitness center.
05:22- Toxic relationship arc.
07:07- Then something simply snapped.
07:53- No gym/cardio rabbit time (2020 ).
08:38- Back to the fitness center (2021 ).
09:26- Tracking intake (2022 ).
10:07- Reflection.
10:37- We proceed right into the future.
11:17- Outro.
11:50- The end.

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