Food television shows and series debuting in September run the gamut: If you’re into competition shows, there’s a new Bobby Flay one and a new Hulu one around pizza. The lovable misfits of Bob’s Burgers are back for another season. Mary Berry of Great British Bake Off fame has a solo show. And a recipe advice columnist gets its turn as a job in pop culture, with a murder mystery show featuring a cook-turned-sleuth.

Here’s a look at what else is available to watch in food TV this month.

Bob’s Burgers Season 13 (Streaming on FOX, September 25)

The highly anticipated return of Bob’s Burgers is finally nearing. For the uninitiated, the popular animated comedy series follows Bob Belcher and his family as they navigate the arduous restaurant industry. The restaurant has had to re-open due to a fire, rat infestation, collapsing telephone pole, and in the latest Bob’s Burger movie, a water main break. The creators have said that the movie is canon—meaning the newest season may see a re-re-re-re opening banner.

Best in Dough (Streaming on Hulu, September 19)

In this new competition show, pizza-obsessed contestants—including mothers and daughters, nonnas, influencers, college students, pitmasters, and more—will showcase their slinging skills in an attempt to win $10,000. Challenges include making pizza with no dough at all and creating “pizza cupcakes.” It’s hosted by a Bachelor fan favorite Wells Adams and features judges such as Chef Daniele Uditi of Pizzana, Chef Millie Peartree, comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim, and baker Bryan Ford.

Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages (Streaming on FOX, September 29)

Yes, Gordon Ramsay’s show Hell’s Kitchen is still going, and yes you can still watch his blood vessels burst with rage. In this season, the show is dividing the two teams up by age group—40-somethings in the blue team and 20-somethings in the red. All will compete to become head chef at a new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Atlantic City.

Recipes for Love and Murder (Streaming on Acorn TV, September 5)

This new mystery is based off of Salley Andrew’s book series, Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mysery. When a woman seeking advice from South African recipe advice columnist Tannie Maria is found dead, Maria and her journalist colleague Jessie get caught up in catching the killer of this small town murder. All the while, Maria will be in the kitchen stirring up apricot jam.

Chef’s Table: Pizza (Streaming on Netflix, September 7)

This season, pizza is getting the Chef’s Table treatment. This show goes beyond the classic marinara / mozzarella combo you may find in a New York slice shop, and makes stops in cities to meet these talented chefs: Chris Bianco (Phoenix, Arizona), Gabriele Bonci (Rome, Italy), Ann Kim (Minneapolis, Minnesota), Franco Pepe (Caiazzao, Italy), Yoshihiro Imai (Kyoto, Japan), and Sarah Minnick (Portland, Oregon).

The Tiny Chef Show (Streaming on Nickelodeon, September 9)

This new stop-motion show features a Tiny Chef serving minuscule dishes in his tiny kitchen. The show is targeted at children: In it, a small felt creature mumbles to himself, takes viewers on a tour around his kitchen, and shares his love of plant-based dishes.

Bobby’s Triple Threat (Streaming on Food Network and Discovery+, September 27)

Bobby Flay is back with a new competition series. This time, Flay has a “top-secret” kitchen, accessible by password only (or through your TV screen) where competitors will face off against three Top Chef alums Brooke Williamson, Michael Voltaggio, and Tiffany Derry. There are three rounds: In the first two, competitors will be able to choose which of Flay’s chefs they’re battling, while Flay will choose the ingredients to highlight. But in the last round, ingredients will be up to the competitors, who will have a chance to win $25,000.

Mary Berry: Cook & Share (Streaming on Acorn, September 26)

We all know her as Great British Bake Off judge or U.K’s. baking sweetheart, but Marry Berry is now showcasing her original recipes in Mary Berry: Cook & Share. Accompanied by her Cook and Share cookbook, 87 year-old Berry will be traveling to Birmingham, Dorset’s Jurassic coast, her mother’s home of Edinburgh, Scotland, to whip up “fuss-free” meals. Expect recipes such as Tear And Share Bread, Ham Toasties, and Honeycomb Chocolate Rocky Road.