Over the past few years demand for monthly vacation rentals has increased dramatically

The American Snowbird Network and MonthlyRentalsByOwner.com have been serving the monthly vacation rental world since 2003, and are now pleased to announce the integration with full-service channel manager, NextPax Travel Technology to provide Vacation Rental Managers (VRM) access to monthly pricing models to be shown prominently across the web.

The Snowbird Company prides itself on The American Network, its top-notch central hub of listings, tailored to the snowbird lifestyle. Coupled with Clearle Monthly Rentals’ data from MonthlyRentalsByOwner.com, the combo allows property owners and vacation rental managers to gain seamless access to specific calendars, rates and tools. This can update daily with availability, photos, descriptions and more, pulled directly from the software those owners and managers are already using. This is a boon to competing in the evolving vacation rental marketplace, by adding monthly rentals updated constantly to the myriad of websites in the American Snowbird Network, such as those listed below.

MonthlyRentalsByOwner.com has seen record-breaking numbers of inquiries since January of 2021 due to the ever-growing trend of non-Snowbird vacationing monthly guests, such as:

Disaster victims
Empty-nesters able to work remote
Business owners able to work remote
Families with children increasingly able to remote-school
Corporate relocations not listing old home yet
Southern & international retirees experiencing new areas before they purchase a home
Families/Couples/Individuals desiring ‘scenic living’, &/or furnished lodging
Home owners awaiting a home-build behind schedule
Home owners either about to, or having started, home-build, and new to the area
Traveling nurses and other medical occupations, insurance adjusters, and other seasonal traveling professions

“We are very excited about our partnership with NextPax” said Sean Beckham, president of The Snowbird Company and Clearle Monthly Rentals. “This combined integration now allows Vacation Rental Managers (VRMs) that already utilize the many Property Management Systems (PMS) to seamlessly post any or all of their properties to the American Snowbird Network of websites, as well as MonthlyRentalsByOwner.com.”

“All of their properties can now be advertised to snowbirds and other monthly vacationers, year-round, allowing a much higher probability of booking multi-month stays in otherwise low-revenue offseason or even more increasingly popular, and more profitable, shoulder-season months”, Sean said.

Now, with just a few clicks, vacation rental property owners and VRMs can push all the properties they manage out to our very high-visibility sites like

Plus, the many other websites of ‘The American Snowbird Network’ that have received thousands of monthly inquiries, year-round.

“Over the past few years demand for monthly vacation rentals, and longer, has increased dramatically” said Jim Barsch, President Nextpax Inc. “By partnering with The Snowbird Company, we are able to offer the top listing sites for our Property Managers in the monthly rental market. This allows them to reach new customers and grow their business.”

For Property Management Systems integrated through NextPax – click here to see:


About The Snowbird Company

The Snowbird Company is the leading monthly vacation rental, and multi-month vacation rental listing website, since 2003. With a mission to redefine the guest experience and capitalize on otherwise ignored or underutilized vacancies of property owners and VRMs, The Snowbird Company created complimentary monthly and multi-month websites that are now part of The American Snowbird Network.

The Snowbird Company is the top Snowbird rentals resource since 2003, offering a focus on monthly and multi-month vacation rentals through its American Snowbird Network of interrelated state, national, and regional websites. All these sites are integrated into one central, easy-to-use interface with one login, and admin controlling multiple niches. The company also offers annual snowbird-focused events and expos as well as printed newsletters and many other social, email and online advertising platforms all focused on a single niche.

About Clearle Monthly Rentals

Realizing a need for advertising monthly availabilities to the unique and ever-growing demographic of monthly vacationer, in 2010, http://www.MonthlyRentalsByOwner.com was established to serve more than just the seasonal Snowbird traveler, but all travelers of every age, region and season. Clearle Monthly Rentals also serves other vacation rental niches, striving to analyze, realize and serve the unique needs each market presents.

About NextPax

Founded in 2006, NextPax Travel Technology is the leading full service channel manager specializing in providing complex API-connectivity solutions that enable seamless two-way connections between property management systems and distribution channels worldwide. The extensive network of NextPax consists of 600,000+ vacation rental properties and over 500,000 hotel rooms and is continuously growing. The highly automated vacation rental distribution technology provided by NextPax, allows properties to be distributed via all major distribution channels and numerous niche channels. Connectivity includes availability, rates, inventory, bookings and content updates.