“One of our biggest goals at Elderwerks is education. And the goal is to get as many older adults and seniors here at the Expo, so they can plan for future events.”

With a bright, friendly smile, Elderwerks’ President and Founder, Jennifer Prell and several volunteers made sure that visitors to the Elderwerks’ Annual Aging Better Senior Expo knew they were in the right place when they walked through the doors of Triphahn Community Center in Hoffman Estates.

They warmly welcomed over 500 visitors onsite looking for resources to help themselves and their senior loved ones. The seven-year-old event featured rows of 100 local representatives from local home service agencies, senior communities, businesses, and insurance programs. Guests also attended educational presentations from area aging experts who discussed various topics such as aging well at home, staying healthy, Medicare, the legal aspects of aging, and safety issues.

Elderwerks is a Palatine-based nonprofit organization that offers senior living coordination, advocacy, and education. Their complimentary information, referrals and guidance for all types of senior living, home care, support services, and benefits is based on the person(s) they are assisting.

“Everyone is energized to be here,” Prell said during the event. “The representatives manning the resource tables are super supportive and very excited to meet others. The attendees are getting very spoiled in terms of getting information, breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. They are having lots of fun. The Expo is a great event.”

Sponsors like Elderwerks’ Board Chair Suzanne Martinez, who is Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital Coordinator for Congregational Outreach for the Lake, Cook, Kane and McHenry Counties, finds these events to be valuable. She explained that Elderwerks partnered with a local Lions Club to provide free hearing and sight screenings.

“I think it’s important that we support the seniors of our community” said Martinez, who works at the Barrington-based hospital. “Advocate is very supportive. We have services to help seniors navigate their health, so they can be their best at every age. We are dedicated to providing those health and wellness programs for them. And we also go above and beyond by serving seniors on a real level. Volunteering is an important aspect of that. For example, Elderwerks is partnering with the Lions Club to provide hearing and sight screenings so that seniors remain empowered and able to live life to the fullest. And it’s up to us to support them–not in the ways we think they need, but in the ways they tell us they need.”

Attending workshops gave guests like Mary Alice Schlee of Huntley information to incorporate in their lives.

“One takeaway I had from the healthy living tips workshop was learning how to savor food and be mindful while eating,” Schlee said. “Susan, one of the instructors, did an exercise where we put a chocolate candy in our mouth and closed our eyes and just let it melt and savored it. I learned that you don’t need a whole dessert. You can be satisfied with a few bites and share the rest with someone.”

From the large turnout, Prell knows how events like her Expo can make a difference for people wanting to know where they can find handyman services, housing communities or seeking additional insurance coverage. She is proud that her nonprofit can give that help.

“One of our biggest goals at Elderwerks is education,” Prell said. “And the goal is to get as many older adults and seniors here at the Expo, so they can plan for future events.”

About Elderwerks:
Based in Palatine, Elderwerks, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, has helped thousands of older adults and seniors age well. Elderwerks offers complimentary, information, referrals, and guidance for all types of senior living, home care, support services, and benefits based on you, or your loved ones’ needs. Acting as “senior guidance advisors,” we help find the right solutions for you or your loved one. Whether it’s assisted living, memory care, a referral for an elder law attorney, veterans benefit specialist, or to transition to any other type of senior care, Elderwerks simplifies the process of navigating senior living options and supportive services. We can offer you support in a very short period of time. Don’t let the future overwhelm you, call Elderwerks first: 855-462-0100. For more information, visit Elderwerks’ website.