March 30, 2022

Psychologists Debunk 25 Mental-Health Myths

Service Insider asked three clinical psycho therapists to expose 25 of the most typical misconceptions concerning mental health as well as treatment. They describe that schizophrenia is not regarding having split personalities which obsessive-compulsive problem is not nearly being neat. They likewise look into therapy– explaining that it’s not like having actually a paid friend and that it doesn’t last forever.

0:00 Intro
0:27 People with schizophrenia have multiple personalities
0:47 All “neat freaks” have OCD
1:23 Bipolar problem is just mood swings
1:51 Anxiety is simply getting emphasized out
2:48 Being clinically depressed is the same as being unfortunate
3:27 Depression is not a genuine ailment
4:12 Talking about anxiety just makes it worse
4:57 Depression is constantly connected to one event
5:22 Only females get depressed
5:53 Antidepressants as well as state of mind stabilizers change your personality
6:32 Antidepressants always cure anxiety
6:55 Bad parenting creates mental disease
7:27 Being transgender or gay is a mental ailment
8:31 Gun violence in the US is a mental-health concern
9:06 All individuals revealed to injury will certainly have PTSD
10:01 Everyone who experiences loss is ravaged
10:49 There are five phases of loss
11:31 Myers-Briggs personality tests are dependable
12:24 Therapy is regarding dredging up the past
13:20 Therapy resembles having a paid good friend
13:48 Therapy is for the weak
14:07 Therapists force you to talk about terrible occasions
14:59 Therapists encourage you to take medicine
15:45 Therapy is forever
16:33 Only rich people can pay for useful therapy

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Psycho Therapists Debunk 25 Mental Health Myths

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