January 14, 2023

REP Fitness HQ Gym Tour + New Product Sneak Peeks!

Coop comes down upon REP HQ in Colorado!
Associate Ares: https://garagegymreviews.co/REPAres
Representative Athena: https://garagegymreviews.co/REPAthena
REPRESENTATIVE SSB: https://garagegymreviews.co/REPSSB
REP Cambered Swiss Bar https://garagegymreviews.co/REPCamberedBar
Associate Open Trap Bar: https://garagegymreviews.co/REPOpenTrapBar
Associate Oxylus Yoke: https://garagegymreviews.co/REPOxylusYoke
REPRESENTATIVE AB-3000 2.0: https://garagegymreviews.co/REPAB3000
Associate Competition Bumper Plates: https://garagegymreviews.co/REPCompBumpers

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0:00 – REP Fitness HQ Gym Tour!
39:19 – Coop Enters REP Headquarters
1:08 – Coop Tours REP’s Gym
2:24 – Coop Trains with Adam from REP.
3:00 – Coop Talks with REP Co-Founders as well as Engineers.
4:40 – The Upcoming Update to REP’s Functional Trainer: The FT-5000 v2.
6:07 – The REP Athena.
7:35 – The Oversized REP J-Cups that You’ll Never Own.
8:07 – REP’s New Strap Safeties.
9:21 – “The Crowning Jewel”: The REP Ares.
12:16 – REP’s Upcoming Utility Bench.
13:08 – The REP SSB.
14:25 – Coop Talks About REP’s Legendary Benches.
15:15 – Coop Talks “Free Shipping”.
16:24 – REP Addresses Moving to California.
18:43 – REP Reviews Coop!
19:35 – The Deadlift Competition (Does Coop Lift?).
21:43 – Final Thoughts.

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