How to get fit on a tiny budget, using resistance band exercises around
your home. Find resistance bands and exercise videos.

Why Pay Gym Fees Or Buy A Home Gym?

What’s up with all that expensive stuff just to get in shape? Look,
if you like being around a bunch of sweaty people, keep paying those
membership fees. Unless you want to look like Conan, The Governor, you
don’t need all the pricey equipment. You can get in shape and stay in
shape using your body weight, aerobic walking and resistance bands, for
about $ 100 per year, if you replace walking shoes yearly. That leaves
about $ 20 for resistance bands.

What Is A Resistance Band?

No, it isn’t a 1960’s Rock-and-Roll band. A resistance band is a
stretchy thing that resists you when you pull against it. You can
order the fancy manufactured

resistance bands
for less than $ 50 or you can make the same thing out
of surgical tubing or bungee cords for less than $ 20. Because I’m
cheapskate, I would use the bungees, because I can also use them to tie
things down. Basically, you want about 7 feet of total length with a
loop in each end, large enough for your hands. Before cutting and
tying, check the length by standing in the center holding each end in your
hands and extending your arms above your head…this is when the band should
be fully stretched.

What Kinds Of Exercises can I Do?

Shoulder exercises can be done as above, one arm at a time, or both.
To build shoulders even more, lift both arms at the same time straight out
(T shape) from the body.

Arms can be exercised in a number of ways. Curls can be done by
continuing to stand on the resistance band, only spreading your feet apart
to get the desirable amount of resistance. You can do arm pushes by
wrapping the center of the band around a door knob, facing away from the
door, take each end in your hand and walk until the band begins to tighten,
then push one hand away from the door until the arm is fully extended, then
bring it back while pushing the other out. Turn around and do the
opposite action for pulling exercises.

Legs can be strengthened using a little imagination and your bed or a
chair, for calf and knee exercises. To add resistance to leg presses,
lay on your back with the center of the band around the back of your neck
and the loops around your feet, knees by you chest. Press your legs
down until your whole body is straight, stretching the band.

Abdominal muscles can be worked best using crunches with your knees bent
and toes under the edge of the couch. No need for extra equipment for

To be fit, you don’t need a lot of resistance. It’s better to do
each routine to a count of 20, then move to the next routine. Then
start over for another “rep” of 20. for toning and fitness, instead of
increasing resistance, it’s better to increase “reps.” If you’re into
body-building. a resistance band isn’t going to be useful long term.

Using your imagination and things around your home, you’ll soon discover
there is little you can do for fitness at a gym that you can’t do with a
resistance band. Here are some

resistance band exercise videos
to add to your routine. Of course,
before you undergo any new fitness workout, consult your doctor and get
medical tests to make sure you’re healthy enough to begin slowly and work up
to the more strenuous exercises. The idea is to work out, not break

Anyone willing to work this hard on improving their health
needs to spend some time on the most important part of the health
triangle…spirit. As many benefits as there are from aerobic exercise,
they pale in comparison to the benefits available from God. If you want
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What equipment do you use to stay in shape?