Roasted sweet potatoes are an incredibly versatile side dish for whatever you’re serving, but they’re also a great add-on for salads and grain bowls. If you’re into meal prep, you could even make a big batch of this streamlined roasted sweet potatoes recipe at the beginning of the week to dole out in as many ways as you can think of in the days ahead.

Cut the sweet potatoes into large pieces so they develop deeply caramelized edges but stay creamy on the inside. You can peel the potato skins first if you like—we prefer to leave them on as they get crispy in the oven. This recipe lists just salt and pepper for seasoning, but the method is a blank slate for adding other flavors. Try tossing 2 tsp. ground spices such as cumin, paprika, or coriander, or a blend such as za’atar, berbere, or chili powder with the potatoes (along with salt and pepper) before sliding them into the oven. Or, drizzle them with maple syrup or honey and hot sauce after they come out.

For the best sweet potatoes, make sure to roast them in a single layer with some space around each sweet potato cube so that they get hit with heat from every angle. Don’t use parchment paper, which can mitigate browning, but do make sure to toss the potatoes occasionally so the sides against the sheet pan don’t burn.

Need more serving ideas? Tuck roasted sweet potatoes into tacos with refried black beans, drench them in lime juice and honey butter, or just eat them like sweet potato fries, dipped in spicy mayo.