February 28, 2023

Should you wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)?

Should healthy people use CGMs? What people with diabetes mellitus or pre diabetic issues? A look at the pros and cons of CGMs in each instance.

First video with Dr. Guess: https://youtu.be/gdWe87YfFFc

A continual glucose display is a tiny device you can wear on your arm or stomach and also it determines your glucose levels continuously so you can see the modification in genuine time after a dish as an example.

I went over CGMs with Dr. Nicola Guess, that got her PhD from Imperial College London for work in diabetes avoidance and is currently Res Program Manager at Oxford Univ where she researches methods for diabetes mellitus remission.

In people with T2d there’s a function for CGMs. Constantly coupled with healthy and balanced diet. Be careful of unique emphasis on glucose.

With pre-diabetes: CGMs can aid identify WHEN glucose is high. not eating vs post-prandial

For individuals with high fasting glucose but great post-prandia valuesl, dr. Guess states vigorous physical task and also high fiber diets

For people with high post-prandial glucose (after meals), emphasizing protein and regulating carbs is one approach she utilizes consistently. Amino acids promote the pancreas to generate even more insulin which helps control postprandial glucose

For those without prediabetes or diabetes, the worry about generalized CGM usage is extreme concentrate on sugar and the misconception that sugar adventures are pernicious

It’s completely typical for glucose level to increase after a dish as long as it returns down again. What’s unnatural is for it to remain high for a long duration of time, suggesting the body struggles to refine sugar normally

It ´ s much less about whether the CGM is excellent or poor and also a lot more concerning how we use the information.

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0:00 What is a CGM?
0:48 CGMs for type 2 diabetics.
3:25 CGMs for prediabetics.
4:40 CGMs for healthy and balanced people.
7:46 Glucose in endurance professional athletes.
11:21 Summary.

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