So, I finally cooked the viral TikTok feta pasta! And you know what? It was actually good, good enough to get me thinking about what made the recipe go viral in the first place. It is simple, yet very tasty, and if you haven’t already seen it in the wild, picture juicy cherry tomatoes roasted in the oven until bursting, alongside a big block of soft and melty feta. Once mixed together, everything turns creamy and rich yet erupts with sweet and bright tomato flavor. Toss with pasta and you’ve got dinner.

This version incorporates the one element I wish the original had: heat. Calabrian chile paste brings a spicy kick that offsets all the richness of the cheese. But that isn’t the only aspect that you can tweak to your liking: Customize this dish by stirring spinach or torn kale leaves into the tomatoes and feta right after they come out of the oven so the heat can wilt them right into the sauce. However you make it yours, this dish is a great way to use up any end-of-summer tomatoes you might have lying around. —Rachel Gurjar