Latkes have always reigned supreme on Hanukkah tables in the U.S., but jelly-filled doughnuts, called sufganiyot in Hebrew, inspire an equal level of devotion. This sufganiyot recipe delivers golden brown pillowy doughnuts stuffed with strawberry jam that you’ll want to make whether you celebrate the Jewish holiday or not.

Yeasted doughnuts can be a touch intimidating to make the first time, but they’re less complicated than you might fear. Be sure to start early enough in the day, so there’s time to let the dough rise in a warm place twice. There’s no deep fryer involved; a large heavy saucepan or a Dutch oven filled with a few inches of oil is all you need. You’ll also want a thermometer to monitor the hot oil and a skimmer or large slotted spoon to safely remove the doughnuts from it. Like frying latkes, sufganiyot are better made with friends or family members on hand to help out.

Pulsing the jam in a food processor will make it easier to pipe from a pastry bag (avoid using a squeeze bottle, since the opening can clog easily). Once you master the technique, you can swap in Nutella or whatever preserves or pastry cream you like (think: chocolate, vanilla, or cardamom). Finish the jelly doughnuts with a dusting of powdered sugar or roll them gently in a bowl with granulated sugar.