If you’ve stayed awake wondering whether Kourtney Kardashian’s son has had a french fry in the last year, the all-knowing internet delivered us an answer this week. (He hasn’t.) Among other distressing food revelations of the week: Class warfare found a new home in Olive Garden, via Twitter. Spongebob-themed chicken wings got doused in neon goop. On the delicious end, a contagiously happy Japanese tourist reveled in the wonders of Wisconsin, and ice cream got molded into the shape of crispy fried chicken. The range of social media never fails to amaze!

It’s been a big week. Railroad workers across the U.S. approached a historic strike that could shut down the country, the freaking queen died, and Twitter talked about…Olive Garden. It all started when one user tweeted that they don’t understand how chain restaurants like Olive Garden or Chili’s are still open, which other users read as—apparently—extreme elitism. Claims started circulating that Olive Garden was a beloved bastion of rural America’s working class, followed by reminders that, no, it’s probably not. Could “East Coast snobs” stand to think more about what people in the heartland actually enjoy? Sure, but in my mind, it’s really not that deep—it’s just carbs. 1.4/5 delicious, follow me on Twitter dot com —Nico Avalle, digital operations associate

You do not need to know any other information about this Kardashian empire update than what’s in the headline. That’s it. 12-year-old Mason hasn’t eaten fries in a year even though he loves them. Obviously it’s not our place to judge how any parent chooses to feed their children. However, I love this revelation because I felt aghast immediately upon considering what my life would be like if I didn’t eat french fries. I prefer my celebrities to be completely unrelatable, which makes this a delicious nugget. Mason, my dude—I’m sorry you haven’t had a french fry in a year. 2.7/5 distressing, 2.7/5 delicious —Serena Dai, editorial director