September 13, 2022

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?

It’s that time of year again! *spins, twirls* We’re asking that age-old question: Who’s your celebrity crush? Mine is CUTE…

Irish actor Daryl McCormack. I first saw him alongside Emma Thompson in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, the British comedy-drama about a retired teacher who hires a sex worker. McCormack was beyond charismatic with an adorable half smile — and now says he and Thompson are “best friends.”

Also, he’s funny! In a Vogue interview about his childhood in Ireland, McCormack reminisced about how he’d make his grandmother laugh so much she’d have to “hobble into her en suite.”

This fall, when I flipped on Sharon Horgan’s gripping dark comedy Bad Sisters (have you seen it?), I was thrilled to see McCormack stroll onscreen as a hunky insurance agent. Actor Brian Gleeson, who plays his brother, told the New York Times that at first McCormack couldn’t keep it together through their scenes. “Daryl is a giggler all right, but obviously a consummate professional,” Gleeson said. “At one point, Daryl just kind of burst out laughing. But it had a great effect of relaxing everybody… He’s got a lovely gentle sort of disposition.”

Final confession: I am a sucker (a SUCKER!) for an Irish accent. Sometimes, on bad days, I take long walks, get fresh air, and listen to podcasts featuring Irish comedians. One of the episodes that has cheered me up over the years features a nine-minute Moth story by an up-and-coming Irish actor about his mom. An actor who is, I recently realized, none other than Daryl McCormack.

So! Who is your celebrity crush these days? Spill the beans below…

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