March 29, 2022

Will My Blind Date Look Past My Skin Condition? | DATING DIFFERENT


22-YEAR-OLD Nathalie Richert, from Malmö, Sweden, is going on a date for the very first time in her life. Nathalie was born with ichthyosis with confetti, an extremely rare condition that causes red, scaly skin all over the body. In the past, the condition had left Nathalie feeling insecure about her body but she has been building up her confidence through modelling and raising awareness on social media. Nathalie said: “I have to be confident because it has made me strong. I don’t wish to be someone else.” Armed with the newfound self-love, Nathalie decides to give dating a go. She added: “I’ve been thinking about dating and of course, I want to have the experience of having a boyfriend.” Today, she is meeting up with 20-year-old William, a choreographer and aspiring actor, who doesn’t know anything about Nathalie prior to the date. Will he look past Nathalie’s skin condition?

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Videographer: Bill Watts
Producers: Nathalie Bonney & Yasmin Walker
Editor: Garry Sykes

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