December 31, 2022

Winter Jazz Music & Fireplace Sounds For Sleep, Stress Relief – Relaxing Jazz Piano & Lounge Music

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Winter Season Jazz Music & Fireplace Sounds For Sleep, Stress Relief – Relaxing Jazz Piano & Lounge Music
Track checklist:[00:00:00] – 01 Sweet Repose – 4 Stories Music (4SM).[00:02:27] – 02 PSM Next To Me Full Mix PACR – PSMX.[00:05:07] – 03 Where From Here – 4 Stories Music (4SM).[00:09:36] – 04 Fall Coffee Shop Bookstore (Cminor-62Bpm-48khz-24Bit).[00:11:51] – 05 Another Day Full Mix PACR – PSMX.[00:14:08] – 06 PSM Here We Go Full Mix PACR – PSMX.[00:16:34] – 07 PSM Maybe Tomorrow Full Mix PACR – PSMX.[00:18:50] – 08 Candlelight Jazz Sydney( Dminor-60Bpm-48khz-24Bit) cham.[00:22:14] – 09 PSM Floating Above Full Mix PACR – PSMX.[00:24:24] – 10 PSM That’s Our Song Full Mix BRST – PSMX.[00:28:38] – 11 Jazz Nights In Tokyo( Aminor-60Bpm-48khz-24Bit) chậm.[00:32:09] – 12 PSM Just You And Me Full Mix PACR – PSMX.[00:34:28] – 13 Jazz Midnight Walk In America( GBlues-60Bpm-48khz-24Bit) chậm.[00:37:44] – 14 PSM Please Don’t Go Full Mix PACR – PSMX.

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